P/C: Taylor Lanning

Tom Brennan competed in a meeting to forget at Scunthorpe for the British U19's, when his ability to challenge for the win was demolished by a controversial exclusion in his second heat.

Tom started his night in a way his wished to continue by recording his first win of the night against Dan Thompson and Eagles teammate, Jason Edwards. However, his run of success was short lived when he suffered a fall in his second heat of the night. Brennan, Henry Atkins and Dan Gilkes were three abreast going down the back straight, with the 19 year old Wiltshire born boy, Brennan, slightly in front out of three but sandwiched in the middle. Tom got taken further towards the fence by Atkins who hit Tom's front wheel, seeing his leg get dragged along by the Plymouth racer before falling down. Brennan was then perceived by referee, Seth Perkins, as the cause of the stoppage and therefore excluded from the rerun, much to the disagreement of many. The Team Bronze medalist then completed his night with another win, second place and a last to end the night on 8 points.

"I'm absolutely gutted with the way the U19's went. With the meeting being based solely on the 20 heats, it punishes people who get excluded or have bike problems etc. I don't have much to say, I know I was struggling with my speed but I really believe that I could have performed last night and should have been up there. I believe I have very good equipment and am as prepared as I can be. I have good people around me and only have myself to blame for last nights performance. All aside, I know what I have to work on and where I need to improve. I have a meeting at Plymouth tomorrow [Tuesday] and am practicing Wednesday with the British Final on Saturday, I'm ready to go and 100% ready to show people my true potential. Well done to the top three from Sunday. Looking forward to my next few meetings!