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The prestigious Mildura International Solo Masters took place under the lights on Friday night at the Olympic Park Stadium and Tom Brennan added another 5 points to his name on his trip down under.

Tom started off the night promisingly with two second places and a third, only being beat by Zane Keleher, British Champion, Charles Wright, and the meetings' Gold and Bronze medalists, Rohan Tungate and Dan Bewley. The young gun was set to continue his progression and break the 5 points barrier he's hit in the past two meetings, as he was sat comfortable in second place behind Justin Sedgmen. However, Brennan's bad luck struck again when the back end of his bike broke and caused him to crash. Not only was Tom excluded from his fourth heat, but he had to consequently use Bewley's bike which he was unfamiliar with. Tom finished his last two races with no points seeing him finish 10th overall.

"It's frustrating because I know I could have scored more than 5 points this meeting, but luck just wasn't on my side again. Everything was going good and I was happy with my first three heats because I was in the mix, but when I had the crash it really screwed me up. The back end broke which meant I had to use Dan [Bewley]'s bike in my next heat which of course I'm not used to and it's hard to just jump on someone else's bike and score big points. Although, I'm frustrated because I know I can do better, I have to look at things in a different way and take this meeting as a positive in terms of fitness and confidence. I'm slowly getting there, just need to break that 5 points barrier, which I'll hopefully be able to do next time out". 

Heat Results:

1. Rohan Tungate (3,3,3,3,3) 15

2. Dan Bewley (3,3,2,3,2) 13

3. Jaimon Lidsey (3,2,3,2,3) 13

4. Jordan Stewart (1,1,3,3,3) 11

5. Charles Wright (2,3,2,2,2) 11

6. Justin Sedgmen (1,0,3,3,3) 10

7. Zane Keleher (3,3,2,1,1) 10

8. Dakota Ballantyne (2,2,2,1,0) 7

9. Jedd List (2,1,1,0,2) 6

10. Tom Brennan (2,2,1,FX,0) 5

11. Emil Grondal (0,2,0,2,1) 5

12. Szymon Szlauderbach (X,R,1,2,1) 4

13. Robert Medson (0,1,1,1,1) 4

14. Kane Lawrence (1,0,0,0,2) 3

15. Jack Morrison (1,1,0,0,0) 2

16. Kyle Bickley (0,0,0,1,0) 1


1. Rohan Tungate 

2. Jaimon Lidsey 

3. Dan Bewley 

4. Justin Sedgmen

5. Charles Wright

6. Jordan Stewart

7. Zane Keleher

8. Dakota Ballantyne

9. Jedd List

10. Tom Brennan

11. Emil Grondal

12. Szymon Szlauderbach

13. Robert Medson

14. Kane Lawrence

15. Jack Morrison

16. Kyle Bickley