Tom (red) leading Wiktor Lampart (yellow).

British youngster, Tom Brennan, has successfully made his way into the U21 European Final after a day in the sun at Divisov. Tom ended the meeting with 10 points finishing in joint fourth place, narrowly missing out on a rostrum position.

Tom started off his first meeting of the year in Heat 1, lining up against some of the favourites for the meeting, Mateusz Swidnicki and Petr Chlupac, finishing in a close second place. He then completed his 2 other outside gate picks with a third and another second place. Brennan then came out in the blue helmet colour for his third ride and stormed out of the gate to take the win, beating Lukas Fienhage, David Pacalaj and Andrei Popa. For Tom's final ride he faced last years winner and Motor Lublin rider, Wiktor Lampart. The Wiltshire born boy came neck and neck with the Pole for two laps, exchanging first place every corner before crossing the line in second to bag his 10 points.

"I'm honestly so happy with the result I came away with today. I mean of course I would have loved to have stood on the podium in third but it was all about qualifying today, the rest wasn't that crucial. At the end of the day we all start on zero points in Hungary whether you win this round or are the last qualifier, it doesn't matter. Ending the day with 10 points is amazing really, especially with the quality of the field and the majority of riders having way more meetings under their belt than me, it's a great feeling! It puts me in a good place for the U19's this month and I'm now confident that what I've been working on over lockdown has really benefitted me and paid off. I just wanna say a huge thank you to Martin and Connor, my mechanics, and Neil and Jackie Vatcher for flying over to manage GB. Also to my sponsors and everyone who has contributed to my T-Shirt competition too. Onto the U19's!"