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After nearly 7 weeks of training, practicing and racing in Australia, Tom Brennan is heading home from the sun to continue his 2020 preparation on home turf.

It has been an up and down stint down under for Brennan. The 18 year-old suffered a crash in his inaugural meeting back since his accident, causing him to withdraw due to a knee injury,  he dealt with a major blow when the backend of his bike broke during a crucial point scoring heat and also had to frustratingly deal with his 5 points barrier. However, on the positive side, Tom has also learnt a lot of things along the way. The Eagle was fortunate enough to take a weeks training camp for both body and mind by the insightful 3 times World Champion, Jason Crump, on the Gold Coast, race against up and coming International stars and train in the best way to restore fitness and strength in both his leg and whole body.

"Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Ian Sinderson from ATPI for making all this happen, as it really is a big learning curve in anyone's career. I would also like to thank the Sedgmen's for accommodating me in Mildura, Jason Crump for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime down at the Gold Coast as well as all the help and advice he's given me, and finally to the rest of my sponsors for helping me get to this point. Looking back on the trip as a whole, I am grateful I got given the chance to go to Australia as its put me in a better position for next season. I've gotten rid of the stigma surrounding my first few meetings back and know that I can be comfortable racing again. It's helped me get back on track not just for myself, but for the whole of the Eastbourne team and people around me too. Although the points may not have shown my whole progression on paper, I can really see the difference since my meeting at the beginning of November, to where I am now, both physically and mentally. It's been a long and hard journey but I can feel myself making the steps I need to, to be back where I was before my accident in May. Now it's up to me to keep training and practicing during the rest of the off season to put myself in the best position come March. Thanks for all the support, see you in 2020".