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After many months of training and practicing, Tom Brennan took to the track in Gillman, South Adelaide, to make his comeback to racing under the Aussie sun in the Jack Young Cup.

Tom's meeting started off as he finished his British 2019 Season, back to winning ways. He managed to bag a two heat win maximum against the field and beat Aussie and English stars, Rob Medson and Kyle Bickley. The night looked promising for Brennan and he was set to go against the favourite to win the meeting, fellow countryman, Dan Bewley, in his next heat. Tom and Dan managed to fight it out going down the back straight of the first lap before Brennan picked up grip and headed towards the fence. Tom's night was then unfortunately ended prematurely by the paramedics of Gillman Speedway after he twisted his knee in the crash, despite wanting to continue.

Tom finished the night with 6 points from 3 rides, however, still finished 4th top scorer in the meeting overall and was set to make the semi-final and potentially the final if he had not suffered his knee injury. 

"I felt it was a very strong meeting for me and it felt good to get a couple of race wins under my belt. Gutted that the meeting ended how it did because it was going so well and I was getting my confidence back as the heats went on. However, it was probably the best thing that the paramedics withdrew me as I twisted my knee in the crash and was struggling to walk so wouldn't of wanted to make things worse for myself. Very excited for the next meeting in Mildura for the Jason Lyons Trophy as I went well there last year and want to make it the same result this year. Thanks again for all the support".

Heat Results:

1. Dan Bewley (3,3,3,3) 12

2. Robert Medson (2,2,2,3) 9

3. Fraser Bowes (1,1,3,2) 7

4. Tom Brennan (3,3,FX,NS) 6

5. Kyle Bickley (R,2,1,2) R

6. Roy Stout (2,0,2,T) 4

7. Jake Mitchell (0,1,1,1) 3


1. Dan Bewley

2. Robert Medson

3. Kyle Bickley

4. Fraser Bowes

5. Tom Brennan

6. Roy Stout

7. Jake Mitchell