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After a gruelling mid-season out of racing, Tom Brennan returned to a bike on the 1st September after a horror crash he suffered riding for his Championship club, Eastbourne, earlier on this year. On the 18th May, Brennan walked into Arlington stadium fully fit and ready to continue his flying home form, and even though he top scored for the Eagles against Glasgow that night, he left the stadium prematurely in the back of an Ambulance with a broken tibia and fibula in three places. Almost four months later, Wiltshire born Brennan put on his suit and helmet, and sat on his bike for the first time since his accident, here's what he had to say:

"It's been very tough getting to this point not just physically, but mentally too. But when I got back on the bike, everything clicked and felt right again, which is always reassuring. I felt very comfortable towards the end of day and definitely missed being on two wheels. I'm looking forward to getting stronger and rebuilding my fitness for the start of the 2020 season, I get to work with some great people from the No limits training program which will be a big help. The aim is to keep riding as much as possible within the next few weeks without doing too much too soon. Once again I can't thank everyone enough for their support this year and will keep you updated with how things go".