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As of 2020, Tom Brennan will be a part of the infamous Eastbourne Eagles for the fourth year running, yet only his second year in the Championship. Despite looking at all the offers made towards Brennan, he has chosen to stay with his beloved Eagles for another season. The youngster started off his debut in the Championship at reserve this season and started to make stunning progress that would have promoted him to the main body of the team, going from a 2.00 point average to 6.05. Although his crash cut his season short this year, he's determined to make next season one to remember and continue the success he'd worked for both individually and within the team. 

"I'm really happy to be back at Eastbourne for another season, there's always such a great atmosphere on and off-track created by Ian [Jordan] and the rest of the team. It feels so much like home going back there and I know Lewi [Kerr] and Kyle [Newman] and get on with them very well so should hopefully be able to bring success to Arlington and the fans.  I did consider the options that came towards me but there was always something drawing me back to Eastbourne and have definitely made the right decision to stay. Can't thank Ian, Will and Trevor enough for backing me for another year and I can't wait to get back to where I was earlier this season".