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With thanks to ATPI and Mildura Motorcycle Club, Tom Brennan will be heading out to the sunny sands of Australia for the second year running. After a gruelling and long season away from racing and focusing on his recovery, Australia is a fantastic opportunity for Brennan to regain confidence on the bike again, whilst adding experience of tracks abroad and mixing with big names in Australian Speedway. As of now, Tom will be racing in the infamous Jason Lyons Solo Trophy and the Mildura International Solo Masters in addition to lots of track time to get him back to his best. 

"First of all I can't thank everyone involved enough for this opportunity once again! It's an experience of a lifetime and can't wait to get going. The No Limits Training Program have helped me for the past year giving me advice and getting me stronger and fitter ready for what I hope to be a good 2020 season. Australia really improved my riding and gave me a head start going into 2019 and to have that chance again is really such an honour. Also, I can't thank Justin Sedgmen and his family enough for letting me stay and putting up with me for another month. Can't wait for the new season to start and what will be a very good winter".